SAGAS products are type approved by Government Testing agency, as per CMVR. Components are in accordance with UNECE 67R1 and also ISO 15500.


Auto CNG conversions related service directly through the company service centers and authorized franchisees established in various cities mainly in INDIA and abroad.

Company Authorised Installers are recognized by Transport Commissioner Offices of the respective states in INDIA.


is a registered trademark. The brand depicts focus on the 3 wheeler conversion through its triangle which is a recognizable part even for a illiterate customer and the name SAGAS is used in order to communicate identification of the brand. The brand creation has been satisfactory since it is well-known to the target group customers in all the cities that the company has been active.

The LPG run autos are much safer than the Petrol run ones, since the tank (cylinder) of gas is a approved pressure vessel under SMPV rules and as per Bureau of Indian Standards. It can bear a pressure up to 21 Kg/cm2 (for LPG) without bursting. Any person running on gas will vouch for its safety from his experience. The fixed tank is fitted with safey multivalve.

The gas run autos are as safe as the petrol autos.Since the gas cylinder is approved by PESO & BIS it can with stand a pressure upto 340kg/cm (for CNG). Type approved by ARAI with proper safty check.

Gas run vehicles/gensets can be insured from any insurance company by additional payment.

Petrol Emission Emits Air Pollution like:

Lead (Pb) - Causes Cancer & Bone depletion and may cause premature death for children

Sulpher Dioxide & Trioxides - Defaces paints & damages monuments

Hydrocarbons (HC) - Causes Cancer

Carbon Monoxide (Co) - Damages brain & reduces mental activity

Noise - Causes ear damage & mental imbalance.

25% of the Pollution is found to be emitted from vehicles due to their continuous running.

When a Auto is converted to LPG which is a low carbon fuel positive effects follows.

Lead (Pb) & Sulpher are totally absent and hence eliminated

Noise level of vehicle reduces

Improved Engine and Oil Life by 2 times.

SAGAS Autokit is a proud result of in-house R&D. This product happens to be first of its kind in the whole country and hence the product comes under patent.
This product is designed so as to be suitable to the ground realities of Indian conditions, such as climate, the make & the condition of the autorikshawas (both old & new) and the prevaling rules and regulations such as the SMPV rules, motor vehicles act, essential supplies act ect.,

Sagas CNG auto kit is a pioneering technology which converts petrol run vehicle into CNG Vehicle .sagas auto kit brings down the emission to the levels of Bharat Stage IV & International Norms. The auto kit can be installed to a 3 wheeler running on petrol. It saves on petrol cost & can also run on petrol whenever required.


Retrofit kit at OE standards.

Easy to install by authorised mechanics

Reduces emission level of vehicle.

Saves on fuel cost.

Increased engine life.

Dual fuel mode (Petrol/CNG) available.

Frequency of silencer decarbonising gets reduced considerably.

Export quality kits.


Quick Start

Fool proof lubricating technology.

Damp proof body.

Magneto-pneumatic functioning system.

Light weight and non-corrosion material.

Smart and compact design.

No need to mix oil with petrol.

More kms/Litre.

Easy maintenace.

Type Approved by as per CMVR, Govt. of India.

Independent of Electronic System

Get your vehicle inspected and serviced periodically from the nearest Sagas Authorised Installer (SAI).

Gas run autos can be insured from your insurance company paying additional premium.

Installation of the kit can be done only by the Authorised Installer as per the rules & regulations of the Government.

The product is developed in-house and manufactured by SAGAS AUTOTEC Pvt. Ltd. and hence the company reserve the rights for trade marks and patents. The company reserves right to change specification without notice.

sagas autokit is available for 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines of the size 30cc to 1000cc.


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